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Steinomite is the best. Although this has yet to be debated, Steinomite went about proving it in 2010 by making his incredible beats and mind melting raps public. The response was electric. He then went about producing his own life changing music videos, and developing a live show that is absolutely breathtaking.


Since changing the entire game with his presence on the scene, Steinomite has been asked to perform on stages throughout the US, with acts including Ssssnake, The Retar Crew, Natureal, Beverly Fresh, Wannabe Hero’s, Dead Rider, the Detholz, Singing in the Abbey, Rachel Ries, and David Liebe Hart (tim and eric awesome show great job).


His raps are a wormhole to sandy beaches with giant inflatable slow motion robots and lady clowns gliding through the air on solar-powered chicken leg beasts winged with life having heavy glider town sandwich.




What some people say:

Brandon Wetherbee (from YMTE)

“steinomite is f$*&ing great. as soon as he finished his set i asked
him back to the show”

-from You Me Them Everbody talk show website, about 9/1/11 show.


Elanor Leskew

“the best is bester every time”

-via facebook after the 6/9/11 Hideout show


Thorge Fährlich

“OH. MY. GOD. Dude, that’s the weirdest but also best thing EVER!!
Love it! Gotta love that wig, too.”

-via facebook about Alien Abductaphone live video


John C. Pitts

“Steinomite is like Time Cop but, with rapping instead of time traveling
police work.”

-via facebook 6/4/11


Gregory Sabarese

“It was the best thursday thus far. dance squads and alien abductions…
blast off in my brain!”

-via facebook about the 6/9/11 Hideout show

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